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Out Town Teams Travel Forms

A travel form is needed for each team traveling from outside the state of Texas.  Travel permits can be obtained from your state association, not tournament officials.

Stay to Play Team Benefits

The 2023 Black and Yellow Challenge Cup is a Stay To Play Tournament. All teams requiring hotel accommodation must use an approved tournament hotel.


  • Negotiated blocks of hotel rooms close to the fields
  • Negotiated lowest flexible rates and amenities
  • Saves time trying to find hotel space
  • All your team can stay in the one hotel
  • Guaranteed room types
  • Ability to earn complimentary rooms
  • Eliminates hotel charge if event is cancelled
  • Personal and streamlined booking process direct with the hotel
  • Support from tournament personal and designated travel provider for all your travel requirements

What is Stay-to-Play?
Stay-to-play is a partnership between the tournament, hotels, teams, coaches and parents. Seamless Travel secures room’s blocks with hotels close to the fields, and negotiates the best possible rates and amenities for your team.

How do we choose approved hotels?
We work with hotels based on quality, proximity to field locations, amenities and who agree to cancellation policies.

What type of amenities can I expect from approved hotels?
We do our best to provide free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, free parking and the ability to earn a complimentary stay. Check each hotel for amenities offered.

What if my preferred hotel is not on the list?
No problem. Call us and we will negotiate a contract for you.

What if I have family in town?
Not a problem. Just call us for an exemption.

How do I book my team room block?
A link to a list of approved hotel is below. Click on the link below for hotels and booking information.


Book your hotel: