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Gotsoccer App


Gotsoccer App


How to download the app for iPhone


  1. open app store icon
  2. click search icon
  3. type Gotsoccer
  4. once found-click install
  5. wait for download
  6. click open


How to download for Android

  1. open playstore icon
  2. click on search icon
  3. type Gotsoccer
  4. once found, click install
  5. click accept
  6. wait for download
  7. click open


How to use the app--pull up roster and pictures to show to referees at each game of tournament


  1. Click on the gotsoccer app that you've downloaded
  2. Click on the green button named
  3. Click on Teams
  4. Click Team Account Login and input your username and password on next screen
  5. Click on the tournament event--roster will come up in jersey number order
  6. Click on each listed player and show referee name/picture to match the players at the game.


Note:  navigation buttons for the app are in the lower left corner