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TIPS for a STRESS FREE Tournament Experience


1) Have your Registration fee paid by the close of Registration.  Payments are not accepted through GotSport.  In GotSport to complete registration for your team, you must select pay by check then visit  – This is crucial for your team to be eligible for the scheduling…you MUST pay by the registration deadline.  Your team runs the risk of being left out of scheduling or being replaced by someone on the wait list who can make payment immediately (all teams in the event are impacted by 1 unstable team). 

2) Submit all coach’s conflicts and schedule requests by the time Registration closes.  We begin scheduling immediately after the close of Registration – last minute changes potentially create conflicts for other participants and coaches. (see the ‘Conflict Requests Directions’ document on the tournament website). 

3) Seeding & Bracketing are determined by the Tournament Director.  Based on rankings, league play and scores.  If there are unique circumstances (“we are missing our top 3 players, we would like to play up a level to push our team”, etc.) surrounding your teams play in an upcoming tournament, we welcome that feedback and input through GotSport via the Conflict Requests Directions.

4) Please do NOT send communication (schedule requests, coach’s conflicts, bracketing requests, etc.) via email, phone calls or text messages.  We will export all your requests from GotSport prior to beginning scheduling. 

5) Generate your GotSport Event Roster as soon as possible.  Make sure your roster in GotSport is correct for the applicable event / tournament.  ALSO, verify that all of your Guest Players are on the Event Roster for the tournament – this includes photos! (Game officials will use GotSport for roster verification purposes).